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We always expect the story to have a happy ending

Strona Główna

We always expect the story to have a happy ending

Some people are alive, he is dead.
If you're concerned about the days when the bad guys are having a good time, good people should have a better life. This is what I want to say to Jiang Ge mother.
We have not been in jail either. We can not imagine what it was like to feel imprisoned for two decades. But I think it would not stand the good taste. Even if Ding Crab out of the cell, never mind better than life.
In this world, there are many crazy people like Ding and Crab. Chen Shifeng is just one of them. He was not sentenced to death by a judge or a writer. But this does not mean the story ends.
We always expect the story to have a happy ending, but sometimes the successful ending does not have to be finished at the end of the 40th series.
Good people bullshit people, people are afraid of fear of the day. Ding crab said, Chen Shifeng waiting.Our family of three, apart from my son, the couple have a family doctor. Do not misunderstand, I have no money. The number of public reading is so bleak, readers are not willing to appreciate, do not want to forward, I deserve to be poor.
Then how do I have a family doctor? In fact, simple. The community gave me two pieces of paper, I signed a name, so there is. No money, replica mcm backpack confiscated a penny.
My family doctor has a well-known family name, but also left a cell phone. I had a bad stomach that day and would like to consult. Unfortunately, the phone could not get through. But I'm sure, I'm sure in that 500 million people.
People work, mcm backpack replica have to give money, this is the minimum commercial civilization. I did not give a penny, people do not answer the phone, it is normal. So I will not say anything like a family doctor in name only.

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